Ana & The Duorkestra

Management & Programmation

Pascaline Dewez  |  The Way Booking            +32 493 17 39 39

Original Music from the multi-instrumentalist trio 
(Ana Rocha, Thibault Dille and Pierre Gillet) 
with Folk, Pop, Jazz and World Music influences

A guitarist, an accordionist and a singer. Technically. Because they play all sorts of instruments. They met as young adults in Brussels, renowned multicultural city filled with a profusion of different characters trying to embrace the “belgitude“ of it all: the various languages, the latent conflict of identities, the cosmopolitan atmosphere that encompasses all things known and foreign at the same time, intersecting in the city. Having been on the road together, through thick and thin, they know the value of what they have found: a common voice, sound and passion.

The music of the trio reflects the coming together of seeming contradictions, the cultural diversity, the combination of intellectual sophistication and general accessibility, the irony of day-to-day life withstood by a stoic optimism and a connection and bond that overcomes boundaries of language, genre and style. They play and share what they love, and that is all.

Ana & the Duorkestra were awarded a GEMA-stipend in 2021. 
They have released their first album Three’s a Crowd in October 2022, with two sold-out shows.