Thibault Dille | Charles Loos (Carte Blanche Thibault Dille)

Carte Blanche Thibault Dille : Thibault Dille & Charles Loos


We all know Charles Loos's lyricism, precision, fluidity and rhythmical force. His talents will this time accompany Thibault Dille, a great Brussels based accordion player whose sensitivity and virtuosity have led to multiply collaborations and concerts in Belgium and abroad. Combined under a duet that mixes piano and accordion, these two masters will transcend genres and revisit acoustic jazz in a subtle and elegant way.

Thibault Dille (Accordion, Accordina)

Charles Loos (Piano) 

Date & Time
26 January 2022
20:30 22:30 Europe/Brussels

The Music Village

Rue des Pierres 50
1000 Brussels
--The Music Village--
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