Tribute to the Beatles (Carte Blanche Thibault Dille)

Carte Blanche Thibault Dille : Thibault Dille & François Delporte


A new project set up for this carte blanche at the Village. Thibault Dille and François Delporte, taught together at a jazz training course a while back and immediately felt a deep musical connection.

Their shared love for the Beatles unites them today around this blue album that they rearranged for their accordion/guitar duet. Come and enjoy the great connection and intimacy between those two exceptional belgian musicians.

Thibault Dille (Accordion, accordina, autoharp)

François Delporte (Guitar) 

Date & Time
19 January 2022
20:30 22:30 Europe/Brussels

The Music Village

Rue des Pierres 50
1000 Brussels
--The Music Village--
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